a selection of packages I developed

  • reconcile is another Python package for probabilistic reconciliation of time series forecasts.

  • Ramsey is a Python package for probabilistic modelling using JAX and Haiku. It implements recent developments in probabilistic machine and deep learning and among other things aims to bring these methods to a larger audience.

  • clad is a proof-of-concept reverse-mode automatic differentiation package written in Clojure.

  • shm is a Python package for probabilistic inference in structured hierarchical models , a class of models introduced in Dirmeier and Beerenwinkel., 2022 (doi:10.1214/21-AOAS1580).

  • R-- is an interpreter for the R language written in C++.

  • netReg implements network-regularized regression models in R/C++.

  • cuda-etudes is a selection of numerical CUDA recipes.

  • cluedo implements the well known board game in JavaScript. This version plays in ancient Greece where Socrates, a true champion of the open society, has been murdered by one of his enemies.

  • pybda is a Python library and command line tool for big data analytics and machine learning scaling to tera byte sized data sets.

  • You can find more on my GitHub profile

a selection of packages I like to contribute code to and/or co-develop

  • Stan is a state-of-the-art probabilistic programming langauge for Bayesian modeling and high-performance statistical computation.

  • NumPyro is a lightweight probabilistic programming library that provides a NumPy backend for Pyro. It relies on JAX for automatic differentiation and JIT compilation to CPU/GPU/TPU.